Learn how Gen Y thinks

as students, employees and outdoor participants

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This report will change how you approach Gen Y & future talent

    What factors matter to them in taking a job?
    What strategies will keep them in a job? Working to their potentials?
    What factors matter to them in undergrad education?
    What strategies will help them reach their full potentials in undergrad education?
    Is increasing outdoor wilderness participation a possible solution?
    If so, what are effective implementation strategies? What are the barriers?

Interview with Gen Yer

Answers & Observations from over 600+ interviews

We asked all of these questions and some more on our 16,000 mile journey across North America. We ended up collecting over 600+ paper surveys while on college campuses. This doesn't include the countless other conversations we had with Gen Yers along the way. From coffee shop interactions, to beer sponsored symposiums, to gas station run-ins, we collected a wide array of qualitative data stored in video recordings, journals and our memories.

What's included?

This report covers each question asked in our 17-question paper survey. For each question I show:
    1.) A Visual - either a word chart or data table
    2.) Commentary - analysis of the question from qualitative experiences on the trip. Could include direct quotations, paraphrased conversations, links to relevant videos/studies and other first hand observations & reflections.

Who should buy it?

Any organization that wants to attract top Gen Y talent & learn effective strategies to keep that talent. This could be an undergrad institution that is suffering from declining enrollment or students yields. It could be a business that wants to edge out competitors by attracting & retaining top candidates to accelerate growth. It could even be a business looking to learn how to better market & sell to Gen Y. Anyone looking to gain deep generational Y insight, will find it here.

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